Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18, 2012

1st and 3rd Hour Bio

Congratulations to the following biology students as being selected to officer positions for the CGHS Garden Growers Group. Names and positions are attached in the document linked below.

Garden Growers Officers

At present, we have 8 students who have selected to be on the Envirothon Team. The team actually consist of 5 team members, and if we gain more interest we may have two teams. At present, I am taking the 8 members and evaluating their participation over our post vacation activities. We will select the 5 members to participate and have the other two as alternates in case of sickness or absence on competition day.
     Congratulations to John Smith, Randy Phillips, Nadine Armstrong, Travis Garrett, Corinna Bishop, Caleb Thibodeaux, Logan Marsh and Brody Sherman as team members.

Students will be working outside to clear the planting beds of mulch and weeds. We are preparing them for planting in the spring. It will depend on the weather for tomorrow, but our plan is to go outside again, unless it is raining or snowing. The snow is not to come in until the afternoon, but it may be raining in the morning.

4th Hour  A & P

Students are review for the test tomorrow. I have included several different items to help them prepare for the test.

pneumonic device- This is a document that has several pneumonic devices to help remember the carpal bones of the wrist.

Ligaments of the wrist. - I did not want to get too involved with all the ligaments that help to stabilize the carpal bones, metacarpal and phalanges, but I thought this diagram was definitely interesting to look at.

Notes for carpals and functions

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