Friday, February 8, 2013

Feb. 8th, 2013

Bio A 1st Hour

Biology students were gone today or there were only a few of us left in class today. Students were to work on the controlled experiment we discussed yesterday. The notes from yesterday are on the previous blog post under Scientific Process Vocabulary. I turned on the share option yesterday after class. Today I am including an example of the controlled experiment that I produced over the production of burnable bricks made from paper and leaf litter. This is an example of how student experiments should be written. Remember, this is a hypothetical experiment and no data should be collected but you should have a data collection chart or table and an explanation of how it will be used.

Mr. Finch's Controlled Experiment  This experiment is lacking the data collection sheet. I will have it done on Monday. Your experiment should have a data collection table and an explanation of how it will be used.

3rd Hour Bio B

     Students will be submitting their attempts at producing the brochure for the QUWF. We decided that we would let members attending the banquet on Saturday cast their vote for the best brochure. Students will have the hour to complete the project.


     Today in class we will be viewing two youtube presentations over the muscles of the face and head. We will go through them stopping every little bit to allow students to build their sheets for origin, insertion and action of each of the muscles described in the presentation. Students will have time to work on projects once we get finished with the video.

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