Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 6th, 2013

Bio A 1st Hour

     Today I want you to look at the study statements over the water cycle. These statements will provide the bulk of the questions that will be on next Mondays test. Several of you will be gone on Friday with your career and life planning class, so we will have to put the test off until Monday. You should bring up the document and begin looking at the information individually. Possibly during the latter part of the hour, you may use time to review with a partner to see if you have gotten the information on the study sheet.
     Tomorrow, we will be working on how a controlled experiment works and what the parts of it are. You will begin to design a controlled experiment which is hypothetical, but will be written as though you were going to do it. We will cover the parts of a controlled experiment and the scientific process in class tomorrow.

Study Statements Water Cycle

Bio B 3rd Hour

Today we are going to be working on a team activity over creating a brochure for the Flint Hills Youth Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation group. We will select team members at the beginning of the hour and then teams will begin looking for pictures to upload, and statements to be made. All brochures will use the template below. Add pictures and text to the brochure to complete it. The winning team and its members will receive the A 100% on the assignment, all other teams will receive at best a 90% or lesser grade depending on the project.

Science Brochure Template

Anatomy & Physiology 4th Hour

Muscles of the scalp  This is a website created from Grays Anatomy of the Human Body. It is a pretty simple read and several of the terms will be discussed again through the other documents. I just wanted to use it as an intro to discovery of the cranial muscles.

Muscles of the Face
     1) youtube video part 1
     2) youtube video part 2

Muscles of Mastication  - This powerpoint goes over the muscles of mastication or the chewing of food and jaw movement. Go through this powerpoint on your own, make notes from it and come to class prepared for questions and answering of this material. I have created a spreadsheet below titled muscles of mastication and you may want to use it to put in the muscle name, origin, insertion and action that the muscle has. We will be using several of these spreadsheets over the next several weeks.

Mastication Spreadsheet

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