Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

To: All CGHS Students especially those in Biology and Anatomy classes.

      I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year!
Remember to tell those around you over the break how important they are to you and remind them of the great influence they have had on your life. I look forward to the break and will equally look forward to seeing you as we return January 4th.

Reminders: We have been working on projects and presentations prior to the break. Continue your thoughts on these projects over the break and come prepared to put your plans into action during January.

     As you can see our business cards are in and we will be working on our Soup Supper flyer today in class. The date has been set in conjunction with Senior Night wrestling on the 31st of January. Our board of officers will be meeting when we come back after the break to establish prizes and set up teams for distribution of tickets.

Soup Flyer- This is not a finished product but yet a start to our flyer for our soup supper. I hope to have student input on how we want to present this and then get the flyers up in our community and school as we come back from break. We also need to develop our tickets so we can begin selling them for our fundraiser.

Prezi for Garden Growers- Give credit where it is due. Megan Goeckel created this prezi for our Growers Group presentation. This will be up and running during our soup supper as well as other events in January. The great thing about this prezi is that as it is an electronic venue, it can be continually modified and enhanced as we continue with our project work. Great Job Megan!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18, 2012

1st and 3rd Hour Bio

Congratulations to the following biology students as being selected to officer positions for the CGHS Garden Growers Group. Names and positions are attached in the document linked below.

Garden Growers Officers

At present, we have 8 students who have selected to be on the Envirothon Team. The team actually consist of 5 team members, and if we gain more interest we may have two teams. At present, I am taking the 8 members and evaluating their participation over our post vacation activities. We will select the 5 members to participate and have the other two as alternates in case of sickness or absence on competition day.
     Congratulations to John Smith, Randy Phillips, Nadine Armstrong, Travis Garrett, Corinna Bishop, Caleb Thibodeaux, Logan Marsh and Brody Sherman as team members.

Students will be working outside to clear the planting beds of mulch and weeds. We are preparing them for planting in the spring. It will depend on the weather for tomorrow, but our plan is to go outside again, unless it is raining or snowing. The snow is not to come in until the afternoon, but it may be raining in the morning.

4th Hour  A & P

Students are review for the test tomorrow. I have included several different items to help them prepare for the test.

pneumonic device- This is a document that has several pneumonic devices to help remember the carpal bones of the wrist.

Ligaments of the wrist. - I did not want to get too involved with all the ligaments that help to stabilize the carpal bones, metacarpal and phalanges, but I thought this diagram was definitely interesting to look at.

Notes for carpals and functions

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

1st Hour Bio A
     As many of you have noticed we had no blog posting last week. We spent the week working on researching information about nutritional awareness throughout the week. Students were given specific areas of nutrition to choose to research. As we progressed through the week, we began to collect this information and develop a plan to present this information to the student population of CGHS as well as the community of USD 417. We are planning to have projects done and reading to bring into the public eye during our home basketball games in January and February.

Water & Plastic Bottles- This site gives a great explanation of how plastics are used in products today. This allows us to understand some of the ideas that are out there and how big of a problem plastics are becoming.

We will be going outdoors tomorrow and Wed. to continue work on the planting beds.

1st Hour Bio B

We worked on the same thing that 1st hour had done as we have done over the past week.

We will be going outdoors tomorrow and Wed. to continue work on the planting beds.

A & P 4th Hour

Today time was spent on developing our projects as we were limited in time on Friday due to the taking  of our test. As was reflected in class, many of the students just have vague concepts or ideas about their projects and many need to spend a greater amount of time in discovery of their subject in order to fully be able to design a project that will give us information as a result.
     I have also included a web site below that may help students gain a better understanding of joints in the human skeleton and how they are held together.

Joints of the Upper Arm- This site allows you to look at the various joints of the upper arm, some we have already covered and others that we are now covering with the hand. Take a look at the ones that are applicable to our present studies and see if the rest are usable for you at  a later time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012

Bio A 1st Hour

Today students are working on documents they began yesterday in class. They should look at yesterdays post to remind them of some of the topics of nutrition and continue research for the first half of the hour over some of the information they can obtain through their research and add it to yesterdays document. They then need to use the second portion of class to design a strategy to display this information to the student body of CGHS and our community. They can use a variety of electronic fashions to display nutritional information as well as we will be using a poster campaign to bring forward this information to the public.
     These students should also be attempting to research information about raised bed gardens, which is a project we will be working on during April in our community.

Bio B 3rd Hour

Students in this class should read the blog posting for first hour and do the same.

A & P 4th Hour

Anatomy students will be taking a test today. After they finish the test, I want them to construct a document as I gave to them yesterday for study of the Ulna and Radius. This will be their homework assignment for this unit. They are to create a google document and list out the structures of the ulna and radius.  They will then need to research information over the functions of the structures listed in their packet.