Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan. 17th, 2013

Bio A 1st Hour- Today students will be working on the water cycle questions. They began this assignment yesterday and should continue working on it today as well. They have presentation projects over the water cycle that they need to be working on as well. As I did yesterday, I told students that it may be best to spend part of the hour working on their questions and use a portion of the hour to work on the presentation over the topic they selected within the water cycle.

Bio B 3rd Hour- We are going to begin our work in the Envirothon topic Wildlife. There are several sites listed below. With each link is an explanation of how we will use it and what you are to do. These are all assignments we will have over the last couple weeks of the trimester. You should complete your narrative first and then move on to the other two assignments. Once you finish the Narrative, share it with me. I am not saying it should be completed by the end of the hour, in fact, the best will take some time to be creative with but I will discuss its due date with you on Tuesday when we return.

Wildlife Terms- Students are to use this document to create a narrative leading the reader on an adventure into nature. You do not need to use all the terms within the Wildlife Terms document, but the usage of these terms should make sense and be used order to gain understanding about the adventure you are creating. Have fun with this, but idea behind it is to understand more of the terms covering our understanding of Wildlife.

Winter Adaptations- Students are to read the article Winter Adaptations. From this information students should create a document and write a summary of it including major terms and the understanding that the author intended on you gaining by reading it.

Wildlife Ecology Basics- Students should read this article and answer the questions linked below.

Wildlife Ecology Questions

A & P - 4th Hour

    Anatomy students are working on projects today. Keep in mind that before you will begin any project, you will need to share your research and your project details describing the target audience, how you will present your material and the steps and procedures of the project or experiment.
     They will be taking the test over functions of the femur on Tuesday when they return. Students may print from their iPads on the printer in our room if they want a study copy of the material posted to the blog yesterday over the functions of the femur.

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