Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan. 28th, 2013

Bio A 1st Hour

      Today we worked on questions and some worked on projects. We will begin presentation tomorrow by your instructor developing presentations over topics not selected by students in the class. Student presentations will begin on Thursday. I will present tomorrow and Wed.

Bio B  3rd Hour

     Some students worked today on the questions that are due Wed. There will be little class time given to complete the questions due to presentations over tracking and viewing of information located below. Each of the links shown below will be what we are going to be working on over the rest of the week.

Animal Tracking- This link will review some interesting information about how to look for signs of animal life and the various tracks that are left behind as they exist within a community.

4-H Observation Project- This has a lot of information that can be used in allowing you to understand how to set up a project to observe living things around you. Although this is a 4-H project, it can be easily modified to be used in any fashion you see fit.

Trapping & Furbearer Management- This document gives some of the history and management techniques of Furbearer Harvesting.

National Wildlife Health Center- A site that allows one to go and view various diseases that affect wildlife throughout our planet. Specifically go to the Disease link and you will be able to read and view information about wildlife and the various diseases that are more common.

Molly and Daniels Prezi

Anatomy & Physiology

     Today students are taking the test over functions of the Tibia & Fibula. We will begin on the muscular system tomorrow. After taking the test, you may work on your project with what time is remaining in class.

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