Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan. 30th 2013

Bio A 1st Hour

     Today we spent the first part of the hour covering sublimation as a topic of the water cycle. Students are encouraged to view or begin studying the material that has been presented in class for the up and coming test over the water cycle. The test will not be until after all presentations are made and the water cycle questions have been completed. Students were given the rest of the hour to finish the questions over the water cycle which should have been turned in today and then they were to make sure their presentation was completed as we will begin going over these after I complete sublimation tomorrow.

Bio B 3rd Hour

Students were to submit their Wildlife basic documents today. There were several who did not get this done and their grade will reflect that as well. Students were encouraged to review the pelts and skulls during class and then view the readings that were posted to the blog that were not done yesterday in class.

Anatomy 4th Hour

Powerpoint presentation- This powerpoint gives a very nice overview of the general characteristics of muscle tissue and how it works. We will be viewing this and the following links. We will not spend a great deal of time on them as you will be able to return for study by coming back to the links. This is merely for you to ask questions as we go through the presentation.

Muscle Presentation Textbook- This presentation takes us a little more in depth and shows the relationship between chemicals and the neural system that operates muscle tissue.

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