Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan. 8th, 2013

1st Hour Bio A
     Students will today be working on projects. We want to see some of these products done by Friday night to set one or several display booths out for Friday nights game. Students are reminded that their assignment from yesterday are due by the end of the hour on Wed., or tomorrow. As I was going through your Nutritional Projects document you began at the start of this project. Many of you have not added or put down additional information that you have found or projected ideas that you are planning on doing.
     I want you to go back to these documents and put todays date and give a brief synopsis of how or what you are doing with your material. Be ready for a brief oral presentation of your ideas and projected dates for completion as I come around to each group today.

3rd Hour Bio B

     We are beginning our preparation for State Assessments. Today we will be looking at Genetics as our focal topic. We will be watching several videos in class and presentations over the Genome web site. I am also going to include a couple site we will be working from over the next week to gain understanding of terms we need for the test. We will also be looking at some samples of questions that you may come into contact with as we take our test.

State Assessment Items- This document has some sample type questions covering information that may be relavent for the state assessment. There is also a link that provides us with terms that the KSDE has included as important to know or be aware of through our studies in biology.

Human Genome Information- This site allows you to look into various terms related with the genetics of humans and have information related to you as a reader through various forms.

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